The further education sector is committed to prioritising the mental health of our learners and staff which in turn helps to support healthier individuals and communities, and a stronger, more resilient Wales. ColegauCymru supports our FE institutions in raising awareness of mental health and driving positive change for everyone’s mental health. Good mental health is essential for a prosperous Wales and our further education colleges have a vital role to play. 

Our Commitment 

We are committed to prioritising mental health support and raising awareness across the FE sector. Here are some of the things we are doing to help make a difference. 

  • The ColegauCymru Active Wellbeing Strategy emphasises the importance of physical activity to support good learner mental health and in setting the foundation for healthy lives and communities, making a solid foundation for a strong workforce. 

  • Our Welsh Government funded active wellbeing events, including the inclusive Outdoor Challenge and Multisport events, ensures that less active learners are engaged in activity, which in turn supports improved mental health. 

  • ColegauCymru has commissioned various research on the on the value of active wellbeing - connecting activity, wellbeing, and better mental health among FE learners. 

  • ColegauCymru Active Wellbeing Strategic Group - focusing on sport, physical activity and wellbeing issues in the FE sector. This group meets to discuss the latest developments in policy and practice with the aim of improving learner access to activity, developing and sharing good practice, and creating opportunities for colleges across Wales. 

  • Working together with Universities Wales, NUS Wales and Student Services Organisation, AMOSSHE, ColegauCymru published Post-16 Mental Health policy recommendations for the consideration of Welsh Government - designed to further improve mental health services in Welsh colleges and universities. 

  • ColegauCymru gave evidence to the Senedd Children, Young People and Education Committee, calling for greater collaboration between HE, FE and schools to ensure smoother transitions; more longer-term funding for mental health support and more meaningful training for staff; improved access to Welsh language mental health support; and a whole system approach to mental health and wellbeing across the post-16 sector to ensure parity of experience for learners regardless of where they study. 

  • With the support of Welsh Government funding, ColegauCymru has created a range of practical mental health teaching and learning resources for the FE sector. These include a podcast on developing resilience; an identification tool for learners to use to self-identify risks, resilience and wellbeing; a Wellbot programme; training courses for support staff; and resources to enable staff and learners to learn techniques for effective coping mechanisms, positive social behaviours, assertiveness, negotiation, decision making and relaxation.  

ColegauCymru is committed to continuing the conversation about mental health, to support our colleges in showing everyone that mental health matters. And to let people know that it’s okay to ask for help. 

Further Information 

ColegauCymru Active Wellbeing Strategy  
The link between Active Wellbeing and good mental health is widely recognised and acknowledged. Across further education (FE) colleges and with support from Welsh Government and Sport Wales, the ColegauCymru Active Wellbeing Strategy has promoted physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through increased access to physical activity since 2014. 

Post-16 Mental Health Policy Recommendations 
ColegauCymru, Universities Wales, NUS Wales, AMOSSHE 
May 2022 

ColegauCymru Research Report 
Connecting activity, wellbeing and better mental health among FE learners and staff 
July 2022 

ColegauCymru Research Report 
The value to learners of Active Wellbeing in FEI in Wales 
June 2021 
Hwb Resources 
Mental health resources for further education (FE) practitioners 
ColegauCymru was awarded £175,000 to work with FE colleges in Wales on mental health pilot projects that would enhance existing provision, develop new interventions and more importantly to encourage collaboration and sharing of best practice amongst institutions. 
Amy Evans, Policy Officer 

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