Success in College #PowerUpFE Weightlifting Challenge

ColegauCymru is delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural Power Up FE Challenge, a new weightlifting competition for FE learners which took place in earlier in the summer term.
The competition was designed to provide sports academy learners and those already lifting competitively with an opportunity to compete against each other in safe educational settings.   

ColegauCymru Sport Project Manager Rob Baynham said,  

“We’re delighted with the positive response we’ve received to this challenge, and to be able to reintroduce competition into college settings, a welcome boost in the summer term as we slowly emerged from Pandemic restrictions. 
Both learners and staff have faced a challenging 18 months and ColegauCymru are keen to support them to safely return to engaging in various physical activities. With that in mind, the Power Up FE was a perfectly timed challenge to engage and boost morale.” 

Winning Team 
With a total of 1044 Sinclair points, Coleg Sir Gar’s Emily Mitchell, Tayla Hek, Seren Mitchell and Lara Edwards were the winning team of the competition. 
Individual Competition Winners  
Christian Brooke of Cardiff and Vale College won the Men’s Individual Challenge with 387 points (Overhead 120kg/Deadlift 250kg), whilst Emily Mitchell of Coleg Sir Gar took the top spot in the Women’s Individual Challenge with 300 points (Overhead 65kg/Deadlift 115kg). 
Congratulations go out too to the following lifters: 

  1. Emily Mitchell, Coleg Sir Gar 
  2. Tayla Hek, Coleg Sir Gar 
  3. Seren Mitchell, Coleg Sir Gar 
  4. Lara Edwards, Coleg Sir Gar 
  5. Vicky Powney, NPTC Group of Colleges 
  6. Chloe Evans, NPTC Group of Colleges 


  1. Christian Brooke, Cardiff and Vale College 
  2. Harry Williams, Cardiff and Vale College 
  3. Dylan Kelly, NPTC Group of Colleges 
  4. Nye Morgan, NPTC Group of Colleges 
  5. Connor Howard, NPTC Group of Colleges 
  6. Ciaran Jones, NPTC Group of Colleges 

SBD packages will be sent to the best male / female lifters, along with an event t-shirt, whilst the winning team will also receive a bar from Pullum Sports. 
Simon Roach of Welsh Weightlifting added,

“We’re delighted to have been able to support this competition and to see such enthusiastic engagement. Welsh Weightlifting promotes health, well-being and fitness through strength training, which closely aligns with the ColegauCymru Active Wellbeing Strategy.”

ColegauCymru’s thanks go out to everyone who took part in the Power Up FE Challenge and supported this exciting new initiative. Particular thanks go to Simon Roach of Weighlifting Wales and competition sponsors SBD Apparel and Pullum Sports for their continued support.

Further Information

Rob Baynham 
ColegauCymru Project Manager for Sport 
ColegauCymru Active Wellbeing Strategy 2020 - 2025

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